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My Glass is Runn

Some things are worth the risk… A reclusive genius builds a menagerie in the woods. Two greedy generations fall foul of a family curse, and Bertie discovers just exactly what is at the bottom of the ball pit. An underestimated fashion model becomes the architect of her own eerie design. The only survivors of a modern epidemic are the ones who can’t hear the voices. Hypnotherapy removes Bill’s fear – or so he thinks, until he realises it’s been replaced with something worse. And is Carmen Bren’s best friend, or a symptom of his addiction?

From the Cheshire Prize for Literature finalist and author of Spirit Houses and 365 Lies, come fourteen creepy tales for grown-ups who never grew up. Make sure you leave the light on – and whatever you do, remember to check under the bed…

My Glass is Runn is available to buy online from 13th August 2016, exclusively from Lulu.

  • Buy paperback – £5.99 plus postage
  • Buy Epub – £2.99 (Can be read on Kobo, Blackberry, Nook, iBooks, Kindle Fire, and more)
  • Buy PDF – £2.99 (Can be read on most e-readers but best for laptops and tablets)

If you’ve read My Glass is Runn, I’d love to hear what you think of it. You can read reviews of my stories or leave a review yourself on my Goodreads page.