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Cool S – OUT NOW!

Cool S book cover amongst '90s ephemeraWhere did it come from?

Where did it go?

Are any of us really supposed to know?


A cursed novella, out now.

You know Cool S? Yeah, you do. Cool S. Super S. Pointy S. THE S. That thing we all doodled on notebooks and schoolbooks and pencil cases, maybe graffitied on a park bench or a bus stop if you were frisky.

Ever wondered what it was? Where it came from? What it means?

Well, I’m here to tell you. Are you sure you want to know?


Cool S book coverTracy Forrest has it all. A great boyfriend, loyal best mate, good job and new house. But something is missing. There’s a wistful longing for good times gone by that Trace just can’t lay to rest. When she spots a ubiquitous and mysterious teenage doodle in an old schoolbook, she becomes obsessed with finding out what it is.

Cool S. Some things should stay lost.


You can also help make up your mind if you wanna read the accursed lil blighter by checking out the following:


Praise for Cool S

“Brimming with psychological terror and a disturbing dose of 90s nostalgia. The “S”stands for sinister and surreal.

In Cool S Die Booth offers a quiet meditation on an unsettling, mysterious part of our collective unconscious packaged in a slick, nostalgia-heavy novella. A page-turning, funhouse ride!

The Craft meets My Best Friend’s Exorcism.”

-Wendy Dalrymple, author of White Ibis

“In Cool S, Booth exposes the insidious rot in our nostalgia obsessed culture with chillingly exquisite results.”

– Eve Harms, author of Transmuted

“Nostalgia, obsession, and a dark thirst for control haunt the pages of Cool S. Booth seamlessly blends a strange supernatural narrative with a complex emotional core that feels all too real.”

-Eric Raglin, author of Nightmare Yearnings

Cool S asks a very good question: what on earth is that ubiquitous little ‘S’ we all drew without question in school? Die Booth’s imaginative, gripping story answers that in a fast-paced read sure to make one wary of doodling it ever again. I loved this creepy and creative tale.”

-Sonora Taylor, award-winning author of Seeing Things and Little Paranoias: Stories

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