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ReVampRe-Vamp! is a horror project that me and LC Hu ran online from Halloween 2010 until Halloween 2011. But don’t just take our word for it that Re-Vamp is an anthology worth reading – read Susan Price’s blog review of Re-Vamp here and Clare Dudman’s blog writeup of all the Re-Vamp stories here. You can also check out M.R. Gott’s interview with us, or read our Goodreads reviews.

The published Re-Vamp anthology is now available to buy from the following places:

We dreamed (or should I say, nightmared?) this project up after one too many conversations lamenting the state of modern horror (our shared pet genre). Our idea was to resurrect the good ol’ myths one monster at a time, putting aside all the modern cliches and gratuitous gore and either taking them right back to their traditional beginnings or bringing them bang up to date in ways that have not been done before.

The project launched on Halloween 2010 and our readers followed our horrific progress on our Livejournal journal as we journeyed from Halloween to Halloween, tackling a different monster each ’round’ and posting original material from both of us as well as exciting guest talents. For those of you unfamiliar with the Livejournal layout, the most recent posts are displayed at the top – so scroll back for earlier entries. The project featured stories, artwork, articles, links, polls and plenty of opportunity for discussion with fellow horror fans. On Halloween 2011 we published a finished anthology of all the stories we produced during the project, including the voted winner of the Monster Makeover short story competition.

The project is now no longer available to view online but you can buy the published anthology, featuring twenty seven original horror tales including my stories ‘The Tangled Thread’, ‘Retrospectre’, ‘Dogged’, ‘Found’, ‘But They Love Me’ and ‘The Fourth Ape’ from the Mad Doctors of Literature Official Site.

Me and LC also do have a PDF version of the entire project, so if you were there from the start and particularly miss the twists and turns of ‘Curse of the Wolf’ then drop us a line and we’ll send a copy over to you!

Finally – watch this space! You haven’t heard the last of the Mad Doctors of Literature yet…

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