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Coming Soon:

  • Ocnm’s Clock (flash fiction)
  • Maud Inbetween (short story)
  • Junk Medicine (short story)
  • Pretend That (flash fiction)

Published Work:

  • Your Punishment Is (short story)
  • Nix (short story)
  • The Cutter (flash fiction)
  • True Story (flash fiction)
  • Upcycling (flash fiction)
  • Preincarnation (flash fiction)
  • My Glass is Runn (single author collection)
  • Flashcard Riot (single author flash fiction pamphlet)
  • In Hope (short story)
  • Things the Sea Brings Us (short story)
  • Maketh the Man (short story)
  • Don’t Be Afraid of the Lights (short story)
  • Whole Wide World (short story)
  • Celestial Bodies – set of flash fictions for AW15
  • Matchbook (single author flash fiction pamphlet)
  • Twice a Day with Water (short story)
  • 365 Lies (single author collection)
  • Family (short story)
  • Terror (flash fiction)
  • Sweet William (flash fiction)
  • Blodmagi – set of flash fictions for AW14
  • Badass (flash fiction)
  • Sphere Music (short story)
  • Leaving Berlin at Night (flash fiction)
  • The Ghost Bride (short story)
  • Sinister Sirens – set of flash fictions for SS14
  • Spirit Houses (novel)
  • Photograph (V) (flash fiction)
  • Butchers’ Grass (short story)
  • The Audsley Chimera – uncut version (short story)
  • Play Ball (short story)
  • Hearts of Gold (short story)
  • Phantoms (short story)
  • Waifs (short story)
  • To Be Heard (short story)
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland / Art from Wonderland (cover artwork)
  • This Is The Life (short story)
  • Re-Vamp (anthology) (editor and contributor)
  • Not Today (flash fiction)
  • Cemetery Drive (cover artwork) (read an interview with JT Wilson in which he calls me ‘prodigiously talented’ here!)
  • The Audsley Chimera (short story)
  • Surgery (flash fiction)
  • I Always Look at Other Men (flash fiction)
  • Mommet (flash fiction)
  • Delilah (artwork)
  • Life Skills (short story)
  • The Water Tower (flash fiction)
  • The Dust Bunnies (short story)

Your Punishment Is (2017)

Published in Spill Yr Guts Zine #1, October 2017

Buy Spill Yr Guts Zine here

Nix (2017)

Published in Chester Writers New Anthology, October 2017

Visit the Chester Writers Facebook page here

The Cutter (2017)

Published in DNA Magazine #2 ‘Identity’, September 2017

Read DNA Magazine ‘Identity’ here

True Story (2017)

Published in Paper and Ink Zine #11 ‘Punk’, August 2017

Buy Paper and Ink Zine here

Upcycling / Preincarnation (2017)

Published in Paper and Ink Zine #10 ‘Birth and Death’, April 2017

Buy Paper and Ink Zine here

My Glass is Runn (2016)

Published by Mad Doctors of Literature, August 2016,  ISBN

Buy My Glass is Runn here

About My Glass is Runn:

“From the Cheshire Prize for Literature finalist and author of Spirit Houses and 365 Lies come fourteen creepy tales for grown-ups who never grew up. Make sure you leave the light on – and whatever you do, remember to check under the bed…”

Flashcard Riot (2016)

Published by The Mad Doctors of Literature, October 2016

About Flashcard Riot:

A collection of six-word flash fictions, handwritten, hand illustrated and handmade by Die Booth. Each photocopied book is folded, stapled, razor cut and finished with a colour block print by the author (that’s me!) I’ll be giving copies away for free whenever I meet someone who wants one. This is the second volume of a planned series of matching books full of miniature fiction and pictures.

In Hope (2016)

Published by Shooter Literary Magazine in Issue 3 ‘Surreal’, ISSN 2057-3162

Things the Sea Brings Us (2016)

Published by Firewords in Issue 5 ‘Change’

Buy Firewords here

Revolutions coverMaketh the Man (2015)

Published by Manchester Speculative Fiction in Revolutions, December 2015,  ISBN 9781518701351

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About Revolutions:

“Welcome to a city you never knew existed. REVOLUTIONS is an anthology of speculative fiction set in Manchester – seventeen science-fiction, horror, dystopian and plain weird short stories, with one thing in common: being set in the capital of the North.”

Odd Tree QuarterlyDon’t be afraid of the lights (2015)

Published by Odd Tree Press in Odd Tree Quarterly October 2015,  ASIN: B0163TRUHW

Buy Odd Tree Quarterly Halloween Special here

About Don’t be afraid of the lights:

“Thanks to a careless childhood prank, Bill has gone through his life with a debilitating fear of spiders. Luckily his wife, Barabara has the answer: a visit to the hypnotist Agnes Crawford. Full of hope to finally be rid of the source of his greatest anxiety, Bill is about to learn that to worst terrors don’t crawl about on eight legs–they live entirely in your mind.”

About Odd Tree Quarterly:

“Odd Tree Quarterly, your source for quality short fiction, presents its fantastic debut issue: a fabulous Halloween Special.
Featuring nineteen stories, a humorous essay and amazing art, this issue has much to offer the discerning fan of short fiction.”

Long Grey Beard and Glittering EyeWhole Wide World (2015)

Published by The Fiction Desk in Long Grey Beard and Glittering Eye,  ISBN: 978-0-9927547-5-4 ASIN: B014UY9JSU

Buy Long Grey Beard and Glittering Eye here

About Whole Wide World:

Lewis’s Dad means the world to him, until one day he leaves. And then one day, he comes back.

“Kids, eh?” says Nigel, and chuckles. “I hope his gob ain’t as loud as his clobber or he might be gettin’ carried out.” He says, “John?” John doesn’t reply. “Mate? You look like you seen a ghost.”
“That’s my son,” says John.

About Long Grey Beard and Glittering Eye:

“The nine stories in this volume continue The Fiction Desk’s tradition of showcasing the best new short fiction. They will take you from a dingy London pub to an open lake in rural America, from a future under the tyranny of social media to a recent past mired in conflict, and from a housing estate in shock to the end of civilisation as we know it.

This volume also includes the winners of the first Newcomer Prize for Short Stories.”

MatchbookMatchbook (2015)

Published by The Mad Doctors of Literature, May 2015

About Matchbook:

A tiny incendiary book full of tiny incendiary stories.

Matchbook is a collection of six-word flash fictions, handwritten, hand illustrated and handmade by Die Booth. Each photocopied book is folded, stapled, razor cut and finished with a colour block print by the author (that’s me!) I’ll be giving copies away for free whenever I meet someone who wants one. This is the first volume of a planned series of matching miniature books full of miniature fiction and pictures. Next volume due whenever I’m inspired – DIY for life!

New Ghost Stories IITwice a Day with Water (2015)

Published by The Fiction Desk in New Ghost Stories II,  ISBN: 978-0-992754747 ASIN: B00TH8UTTS (the ASIN that I will never stop laughing at!)

Buy New Ghost Stories II here

About Twice a Day With Water:

Bren lives a lonely existence until, in some very unusual circumstances, he meets Carmen.

The thing that Bren likes best is when Carmen tells him stories of long ago when she was alive, when films were still black and white and the monochrome world outside was still in colour.

About New Ghost Stories II:

“Eleven new tales of the supernatural, including the winner and shortlist of the 2014 Fiction Desk ghost story competition.”

365 cover image365 Lies (2014)

Published by Mad Doctors of Literature, ISBN: 978-0-9926400-4-0

Buy 365 Lies here

About 365 Lies:

An old photograph, a list, a sinister vending machine; found things and stolen things and magic things. Holidays, love affairs and breakups, in the past, the present, and futures both brutal and beautiful. A diary of highs and lows, seasons and events in fictional form, 365 Lies (with one extra in case of leap year) will take you on a real-life journey through genres, times and places that is guaranteed to ignite at least one little spark in every reader.

All profits from the sales of this book will be donated to the MNDA.

Firewords Quarterly issue 3Family (2014)

Published by Firewords in Firewords Quarterly Issue 3

Buy Firewords here

About Family:

All Lisa wants is to belong. Until one day, she does.

The photograph is face down and Lisa is too embarrassed to turn it over in case there’s someone watching. If she leaves it there all day, it will surely disappear in that way that stuff does.

As she walks back from the office along the river, she looks down at the brown tug of water and the turgid mud flats with their tangle of scrub and she counts the lost footballs and upturned plastic chairs. When she arrives home from work, it’s just starting to go dark and there is the photograph lying on her window ledge.

About Firewords Quarterly Issue 3:

“Fiery new writers; powerful fiction; bold design. Firewords Quarterly is an independent literary magazine packed full of powerful fiction and poetry – all enhanced by bold design.” – Firewords

RevolutionTerror (2014) Sweet William (2014)

Published by Black&BLUE Press in Revolution

Buy Revolution here

About Terror, and Sweet William:

A parting gift from life. The performance and transcendence of death.

About Revolution:


There Was Once a PlaceBadass (2014)

Published by The Fiction Desk in There Was Once a Place,  ASIN: B00KRDLSTM,  ISBN-10: 0992754720, ISBN-13: 978-0992754723

Buy There Was Once a Place here

About Badass:

Who’s the real badass here?

We get all sorts in here. Usually Friday and Saturday nights and weekends, but this one came in on a Tuesday afternoon, face down on a trolley.

About The Was Once a Place:

“Not to be used for navigation: This collection of new short stories will take you from an abandoned factory in Sheffield to the moon, from your local supermarket to a school playing field, and from the nearest hospital to the surface of Mars.

This volume also includes the winning stories from our second flash fiction competition.” – Rob Redman

The End is the BeginningSphere Music (2014)

Published by Firbolg Publishing in Enter at Your Own Risk: the End is the Beginning, edited by Dr. Alex Scully, ISBN-10: 1495431479, ISBN-13: 978-1495431470, ASIN: B00K6G5B5M

Buy The End is the Beginning here

About Sphere Music:

Can you hear it? All around? Nadia can’t and you best hope that you can’t either.

“I need to learn first aid,” she says, later. She snaps a breadstick in two, breaking an end off with her teeth, looking contemplative. Paul replies,

“You were great, though.” He says it like an afterthought, automatically. Nadia nods, the two halves of breadstick sticking out of her mouth like cartoon fangs. Her hand creeps across the tablecloth and insinuates itself around his. His fingers are limp in her grasp.

“What was wrong with him, Paul? What could he hear?”

Paul tries to draw his hand back, avoiding her eyes. He seems too tired to even pull away, though.

“How should I know?”

“Because,” she puts her head on one side, “you can hear it too, can’t you?”

About The End is the Beginning:

“Human beings–the undisputed top of the food chain, the long-standing masters of planet earth. Or are we? What may be crawling out of the sludge to take our place? What monsters have we created in our labs, factories, and our very own genetic code? In the fourth installment of Firbolg Publishing’s Enter at Your Own Risk series, which pairs Gothic masters such as Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley, and H.P. Lovecraft with modern authors of the dark and macabre, the theme is environmental horror.” – Dr. Alex Scully

CITYLeaving Berlin at Night (2013)

Published by Black & BLUE in CITY

Buy CITY here

About Leaving Berlin at Night:

Some things only really make sense when you look back upon them.

About CITY:

“CITY is an exploration in writing of the rich & enigmatic nature of city-life. Featuring new writers & established ones.”

“Black & BLUE is a brave new magazine that runs against the current and is not afraid to go out on a limb- if you are sick of mediocre rants masquarading as poetry, then in its pages you’ll find the real thing.” – Brian Patten

Gothic Blue Book IIIThe Ghost Bride (2013)

Published by Burial Day Books in Gothic Blue Book III – The Graveyard Edition, edited by Cynthia Pelayo, ASIN: B00G64XJTI

Buy Gothic Blue Book III here

About The Ghost Bride:

A tragedy, a haunting and a goodbye in an Anglo-Chinese family.

The first time, Carol thought it was a dream. She’d woken early in the morning with the feeling of something angular pressing into her thigh through the bedspread. That time, she hadn’t been able to bring herself to even turn her head. From the corner of her eye, she could see something next to the bed.

About Gothic Blue Book III – The Graveyard Edition:

“Gothic Blue Books were short fictions popular in the 18th and 19th century. They were descendants of the chap book trade. Burial Day Books presents its third Gothic Blue Book III, The Graveyard Edition. The following short stories and poems honor the Gothic story. Misery, fear, despair, regret and dread are highlighted in the following pages, stirring old ghosts, witches, and awakening death. The following collection of new and established horror authors weave together brilliant tales of terror celebrating the history of the Gothic story with a new twist.”

Dark Bits edited by Jacob HaddonPhotograph (V) (2013)

Published by Apokrupha LLC in Dark Bits, edited by Jacob Haddon, ASIN: B00EY3W7RS / ISBN/EAN13: 1492724629 / 9781492724629

Buy Dark Bits here

About Photograph (V):

Look closely. Is there something wrong with this picture?

About Dark Bits:

“Dark Bits is a collection of 52 +1 horror flash fiction stories. Short, but not sweet, they move quick to grab you. Got a minute? Go ahead, try one.”

Spirit HousesSpirit Houses (2013)

Published by The Mad Doctors of Literature, ISBN: 978-0-9926400-0-2

Buy Spirit Houses here

About Spirit Houses:

This is the time of the evening when the Things come. As the trees close ranks and colours all merge into one colour, the Things start to stir – to dislocate their joints and stretch their limbs; rearranging themselves into new images for the twilight, they taste the air with prehensile tongues. That’s what Manda’s father used to tell her. He knew how little Manda loved to hear of the paranaturals. She got that fascination from her mother, he’d say back then. After, he’d say she got that fascination from her mother, but he’d say it differently…

When Manda’s lab partner Daniel Forbes goes missing presumed dead it’s just another normal day at University Hospital. But the circumstances of his disappearance aren’t quite as straightforward as they seem and take Manda and her colleagues at the Department of Paranatural Medicine on a journey across planes and to the fringes of death to find the truth.

Lost and FoundButchers’ Grass (2013)

Shortlisted in the 2012 Cheshire Prize for Literature.

Published by University of Chester Press in Lost and Found, Edited by Emma L. E. Rees, ISBN: 978-1-908258-10-6

Buy Lost and Found here

About Butchers’ Grass:

We all want to be loved for who we are, not what we are.

“I ask, “What do you see in him?”

“I don’t see anything in him,” and immediately it’s there, that infuriating hint of a smile. It’s the kind of smile you catch people doing when they daydream on buses, a sun-on-tarmac smile of secretive longing. “We’re just friends.”

 Of course you are.

 “Friends like you and me.” It’s not a question, it’s an accusation. Now who’s being childish, but I can’t help myself: the guy just boils my piss. She laughs, two notes that sound more delighted than derisive,

 “God no, nothing like me and you, you’re a far better mate than he could ever be.”

 That’s me: the best mate a girl could wish for.”

About Lost and Found:

“Reading through the stories in this collection, the reader will ‘find’ many things: surreal flotsam on a desolate beach; a love letter mislaid for decades; turns of phrase in a classroom; relationships shaped in unusual settings. But to find something means simultaneously to acknowledge the possibility of loss. And loss figures largely in the anthology, too: from beloved relatives, to despised spouses, and from inconsequential objects to an individual’s very sense of self, life’s losses are portrayed here in a variety of humorous, dark, and frequently surprising ways.” (Emma L. E. Rees, 2013)

Under the KnifeThe Audsley Chimera (2013)

Published by Cruentus Libri Press in Under the Knife, ISBN-10: 1482009552, ISBN-13: 978-1482009552

Buy ‘Under the Knife’ here

About The Audsley Chimera:

First published in the Cheshire Literature Prize anthology ‘Zoo’, you can now read the full and unabridged original text here.

Since he was a small boy, Nick Black has had one ambition: to realise his dreams. As he grows older his amazing talent becomes something some would see as almost magical, yet others believe is deplorable.

“When I was little I loved the zoo.
The zoo had its own rail stop, with smiling cartoon animals coexisting peaceably on the pocked metal sign. Eventually the staff at the ticket office got to know me by name and I didn’t even have to ask for Aunty Gill to gain my free entry.

The faux-jungle floor was littered with the rainbow of my crayons. I sat cross-legged, matching halves in my sketchbook: the beasts on my pages had eagle wings and the tails of snakes. Pacing behind the glass, the spotted cats spoke to me with lantern eyes. They said,
“Let me out of here,” they said, “Let me fly.””

About Under the Knife:

“I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone.” – The Hippocratic Oath Cruentus Libri Press is pleased to present an anthology of medical horror and surgical nightmares direct from the operating room and into your head. Fiendish medics and unscrupulous physicians who pay no heed to their Hippocratic Oath go head to head with psychotic patients and demented support staff. Immoral and illegal procedures are conducted without fear or favour, all in the name of progress. Under the Knife contains stories from some of the world’s finest horror writers, including James Steele, Jay Wilburn, Lisamarie Lamb, James Olivieri, Kerry G.S. Lipp, Scott L. Vannatter, Steven Gepp, Allen Jacoby, Kevin G. Bufton, Joshua Rupp, James Fadeley, Brian Lillie, David A. Riley, Bryan Best, Brandon Cracraft and Die Booth.

Suffer the Little ChildrenPlay Ball (2013)

Published by Cruentus Libri Press in Suffer the Little Children, ISBN-10: 1480153001, ISBN-13: 978-1480153004

Buy ‘Suffer the Little Children’ here

About Play Ball:

It’s hard enough being a child without your mother lending a helping hand to the bullies. This is what happens when one little boy decides that he’s not going to take it any more.

The lights in the leisure centre were too bright. They made Bertie squint: his eyes, the peculiar pellucid green of sea-washed glass, looked constantly strained as if even the dimmest illumination might harm him. As he and his mother passed, the netting cage of the pit undulated with the patter of hurled balls, searing missiles of primary colour that amplified the fluorescent light. Bertie’s mother stared straight at the exit and flared her nostrils like a bull ready to charge. In her hand, Bertie’s small fingers wormed, twisting her rings and her watch on its gold linked band, weaving between her fingers and seeking freedom. Beyond them, children clung to the ball pit net, pressing their faces against the ropes, a child in every gap.

About Suffer the Little Children:

“Girls and boys, are come out to play, The moon doth shine as bright as day; Leave your supper, and leave your sleep, And face the demons from the deep… Cruentus Libri Press brings you sixteen tales of horror and the macabre featuring children facing their fears face on. From old myths to new gods; from bloodthirsty trolls beneath the bridge to the untold horrors of the ball pond, these are stories to inspire any parent to pull their children close and hold them tight. Suffer the Little Children contains stories from the world’s finest horror authors, including DJ Cockburn, Jonathan Ward, Deb Eskie, J.A. Grier, Paul Edmonds, Joanna Parypinski, Bryan Best, Randy D. Rubin, Kevin G. Bufton, Gregory J. Wolos, Die Booth, Derek Muk, Paco, Jay Wilburn, John M. McIlveen and Jason Andrew.”

For All EternityHearts of Gold (2012)

Published by Dark Opus Press in For All Eternity: Tales of the Seven Deadly Sins, ISBN: 0615727360

Buy Hearts of Gold here

About Hearts of Gold:

A 17th century tale of greed and revenge down the generations: when you give your word to a wise woman, make sure you keep to it.

“We all of us have gold in us, Master de Aurum.” He flinched as she said his name, “some of us more than others. In some, it promotes a bright heart. In others, it heralds avarice. Gold attracts more gold. We both, you and I, have more than the usual share of gold inside us.”

Despite his unease and his misgivings about her theories, de Aurum could not help but feel flattered.

“And I will pay you,” he said, “When your charm has proved its worth.”

Mother Pellar nodded. “As you will,” she said.”

About For All Eternity:

“A prideful stance. A lying tongue. Hands that spill innocent blood. A heart that plots evil. Bodies engaging in ungodly mischief. Being a witness of deceit. Sowing discord for folly and fun. Superbia. Avaritia. Luxuria. Invidia. Gula. Ira. Acedia. The Seven Deadly Sins. Strories by: Renee Carter Hall, Michael Beers, Die Booth, Marten Hoyle, Christian Larsen, Ken MacGregor and Brandon French.”

Crying Just Like Anybody

Phantoms (2012)

Published by The Fiction Desk in Crying Just Like Anybody, ISBN: 978-0-9567843-6-0

Buy Phantoms here

About Phantoms:

Anna’s favourite place in the world is her granddad’s junk shop. Although a lot of people think it’s a weird place, it’s much more welcoming than school, where her nemesis Beth makes her life a misery. Then one day, something arrives at the shop which might help Anna conquer her foe for good.

“My granddad, his name was Roger and he collected weird stuff. He ran a junk shop — that is, an Emporium of Curious Vintage Ephemera. It was still a junk shop. Sometimes he got hold of something that was worth something for cheap, then that would get sold straight away to a proper antiques place. Just because he sold tat, didn’t mean he didn’t know his stuff. Granddad just liked tat, said the things people threw out were more interesting. His main profits didn’t come from the good stuff, either: they came from the rubbish. People love to sift through piles of interesting old crap, the detritus of past lives, in the hope of finding a treasure, and sometimes Granddad hid one in there for them to find, too. His job; it was his hobby.”

About Crying Just Like Anybody:

“Our fourth anthology, Crying Just Like Anybody takes its title from a story by Richard Smyth, and features ten new stories.

Previous contributors Matt Plass, Matthew Licht, and Colin Corrigan are all making their return in this volume, and newcomers to the series include Die Booth, Mike Scott Thomson, William Thirsk-Gaskill, Luiza Sauma and S.R. Mastrantone.

This volume also features our first story in translation, with ‘I’m the One’ from Slovenian author Miha Mazzini.”

Waifs (2012)

Published by Prime Books in Bloody Fabulous, ISBN: 9781607013600

Buy Bloody Fabulous here

About Waifs:

Marie loves fashion. All she ever wanted was to become a designer, but her pretty face means that she’s encouraged into modelling instead. But modelling is harder than it looks, as Marie learns that you must wear the clothes or else the clothes will wear you.

The girl in this photograph, her name is Marie Bochert. You know this because across the white panel at the bottom of the square image, that name is written. It doesn’t seem likely that Marie wrote it herself. This hand is sure and forward-slanting, the pressure so confident that the pen point has engraved the paper with its en-guarde ‘t’. Marie looks softer than that. Marie looks more the 2B type, with her white, heart-shaped face and her pink, heart-shaped lips. Her dark hair hanging and her broad cheekbones, this is what you see in this picture. Her disheartened eyes, scolding you for noticing them first, for not seeing what is important.

About Bloody Fabulous:

Open collars over exquisite collarbones.
A single red drop on paper-white cuffs.
From the brocade extravagance of the Unseelie courts to the ubiquitous leather of supernatural detectives to the old-fashioned good taste of wealthy vampires—we are as familiar with fantasy protagonists’ attire as we are with their paranormal deed. Tales of tormented designers and well-dressed vampires strut into the spotlight in this anthology of fantasy tales focusing on the world of fashion and its intersection with the uncanny.” (Ekaterina Sedia)

FEAR volume two

To Be Heard (2012)

Published by Crooked Cat in FEAR – a modern anthology of horror and terror volume two, ISBN: 9-781908-910387

Buy FEAR Volume Two here

About To Be Heard:

When David moves to London from his rural hometown he expects the pace of living to change a bit – but he isn’t prepared for just how much.

I sound bitter. Sorry, I don’t mean to. I’ve just had a bit of a hard time lately and there isn’t anybody here I can talk to. That’s why I’m writing this down, to keep a sort of journal of what’s happening, so if anyone reads it then it’s actually here in black and white and if they’re reading it on purpose then it has to be actually going in, they have to be listening to me. You have to believe me.
There’s something nasty in my flat.

About FEAR:

FEAR is a collected anthology in two volumes featuring the best new horror stories from the world’s most talented indie horror writers. Featuring the work of a collected 60 authors, plus forewords by Sherri Browning Erwin and Peter James, all profits from FEAR will be split between charities Barnardos and Medicins sans Frontieres.

Litro #115 'Work'This is the Life (2012)

Published by Litro Magazine, issue #115 ‘Work’, ISBN: 978-0-9554245-5-7

About This is the Life:

Alice is missing from work and it seems like only Sandra cares. But has she disappeared, or is she hiding?

‘I want to know what happened to Alice. Ronnie, if you know something, you have to tell me.’

You have to tell me. Not ‘tell the police’ or ‘tell the management’. Ronnie licked his lips. Inside his jacket pocket his thumb traced the edge of a piece of card worn soft with worrying and wondering. He cleared his throat, glanced around for eavesdroppers and said,

‘I know a man.’

About Litro:

Litro has been London’s leading short story magazine since 2006. Celebrating authors both new and established, Litro publishes fiction, non-fiction and poetry following monthly themes. It’s pocket-sized to fit perfectly into your daily life and it can be picked up for free from a range of outlets across the city.

Re-VampRe-Vamp (2011)

Published by Mad Doctors of Literature/CreateSpace, edited by Die Booth and L.C. Hu, ISBN-10: 146640749, ISBN-13: 978-1466407497

Buy Re-Vamp here

About Re-Vamp:

Are you afraid that the monsters of old have become nothing more than a bedtime story? Do you long for a time when ghosts were spirited and vampires had bite? Re-Vamp is a collection of stories resurrecting the good old myths one monster at a time, in truly traditional style with an original twist.

“It looks ace… it is ace!” – Jon Mayhew (author of Mortlock and The Demon Collector)

“I’ll admit, when I first went over to look at Re-Vamp, I was a little apprehensive about what I might find – but that lasted for about a minute after I started reading!” – Susan Price (author of The Sterkarm Handshake and Ghost Drum)

Flash magazine April 2011Not Today (2011)

Published by Chester Academic Press in Flash Magazine Volume 4 Number 1: ISSN 1756-5200

Buy Flash Magazine here

Zoo book cover

The Audsley Chimera (2010)

Highly commended in the 2009 Cheshire Prize for Literature.

Published by Chester Academic Press in Zoo, Edited by Emma Rees, ISBN: 978-1-905929-83-2

Buy Zoo here

About The Audsley Chimera:

“This is a nice little story about fairytale animals…”
Since he was a small boy, Nick Black has had one ambition: to realise his dreams. As he grows older his amazing talent becomes something some would see as almost magical, yet others believe is deplorable.

“When I was little I loved the zoo.
The zoo had its own rail stop, with smiling cartoon animals coexisting peaceably on the pocked metal sign. Eventually the staff at the ticket office got to know me by name and I didn’t even have to ask for Aunty Gill to gain my free entry.

The faux-jungle floor was littered with the rainbow of my crayons. I sat cross-legged, matching halves in my sketchbook: the beasts on my pages had eagle wings and the tails of snakes. Pacing behind the glass, the spotted cats spoke to me with lantern eyes. They said,
“Let me out of here,” they said, “Let me fly.””

About Zoo:

“This is Zoo, where the quotidian and the sublime are juxtaposed and where we can imagine ourselves – momentarily, at least – living the lives of others. As spectators we progress from one cage to another; as readers of the anthology we go from one story to the next, visiting some more than once, and finding meanings and associations which are, ultimately, unique.” (Emma Rees 2010)

Surgery and I always look at other men (2009)

Published by Chester Academic Press in Flash Magazine Volume 2 Number 2: ISSN 1756-5200

Buy Flash Magazine here

About Surgery:

This short-short deals with the theme of loss and the feeling of relief it often brings, along with – or even eclipsing – the unhappiness.

About I always look at other men:

Sometimes when people think you want to do it, you really just want to be it.

Flash Volume 1 October 2008Mommet (2008)

Published by Chester Academic Press in Flash Magazine Volume 1 Number 1: ISSN 1756-5200

Buy Flash Magazine here

About Mommet:

Mommet is a Cornish word for scarecrow. In Japanese mythology the god Kuebiko is a scarecrow who knows all from standing and observing, ever watchful.

About Flash Magazine:

“Flash is a biannual literary magazine, publishing quality short stories and occasional articles and reviews of up to 360 words.

Contributors include Ama Ata Aidoo Roberta Allen Beryl Bainbridge Elleke Boehmer Dave Eggers David Gaffney Rodge Glass Michael Cawood Green Francesca Haig Allan Kolski Horwitz Liesl Jobson James Kelman J. Robert Lennon Kobus Moolman Ewan Morrison Dan Rhodes Matt Thorne Alan Wall Gee Williams”

The Virginia CompanionDelilah (2008) (artwork)

Published by Cherry Lane Music Company in The Virginia Companion ISBN-10: 1603780793, ISBN-13: 978-1603780797

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About Delilah:

Not a piece of writing, but a portrait, inspired by the Dresden Dolls song ‘Delilah’ and chosen  by the band to be included in the book and sleeve artwork for the album ‘Yes Virginia’.

About The Virginia Companion:

A book published to accompany the Boston punk cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls’ album ‘Yes Virginia’. The Virginia Companion not only includes the sheet music for the songs on the ‘Yes Virginia’ and ‘No Virginia’ albums but also includes hundreds of pages of gorgeous full colour photographs, original artwork, journal entries, lyrics, information about the songs and much more. Not just a sheet music book.

The Road UnravelledLife Skills (2007)

Published by Earlyworks Press in The Road Unravelled, ISBN: 978 09553429 98

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About Life Skills:

What shapes our reality? A desire to learn or a yearning for freedom?

“They stop at the Exhibition Centre and all pile out. They mill around the forecourt in the slanting sunlight. Mrs Beaton organises people into groups. Mr Hudson walks over to Katy and says,

“I just wanted to say goodbye.”

“Why, where are you going?” Katy is gripped by the unfounded fear that he’s dying.

“Going? I’m going home. I’ve retired.” His face does look very worn. He must have retired a long time ago. Katy says,

“Oh. Cool. Well, all the best. Have a good day.”

He nods, sadly.

They walk two-by-two through portentous double doors. The doors are black tinted glass, the foyer atmospherically lit. For a science project, it’s pretty exciting. The exhibition is laid out in different areas, each room has a theme as detailed on their guide maps, and you walk through and learn.

But something isn’t right.”

About The Road Unravelled:

“Birth and death, genetics, evolution and intelligence – natural, artificial and divine: With each new announcement from the world of science shattering more of our traditional assumptions, we asked our writers to look into the future and answer the eternal question of science fiction:
What if…?
Their answers tell us that far out in the starfields or here on earth, creatures human and otherwise face life-changing dilemmas – souls and systems, organic and inorganic, must lay aside everything we thought we knew and take an unmapped way forward..”

Reviews for The Road Unravelled:


An Anatomy of ChesterThe Water Tower (2007)

“a beautiful and brilliant short story” (Ashley Chantler)

Published by Chester Academic Press in An Anatomy of Chester, ISBN-10: 1905929196 ISBN-13: 978-1905929191

“A collection of 55 original short-short stories, that form a portrait of life in the historic city of Chester (England) at the start of the 21st century. The 31 contributing authors all have close connections with the city or the surrounding area.”

Edge WordsThe Dust Bunnies (2006)

Runner up prizewinner in the 2006 Cheshire Prize for Literature

Published by Chester Academic Press in Edge Words, ISBN-10: 1905929293 ISBN-13: 978-1905929290

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About The Dust Bunnies:

In a world full of mortgage payments and tax returns, some monsters can follow you even through the searching torchlight of adulthood.

“At the click of the light switch, Jenny wails,

“Nooo!” and her mother pauses and sighs her nightly sigh. The pool of yellow light from the landing in which she stands is like an island of safety, Jenny marooned just feet away, cast adrift on the shoddy little raft of her bed.

Jenny gazes imploringly at her mother and mouths, it’s under the bed. Her mother finds this so charmingly droll that she has to fight back fond laughter.

“Sweetheart, there’s nothing under the bed.” She ducks to kneel and Jenny holds her breath and waits for grabbing claws.

“See? Nothing under there but a few dust bunnies!” Mother smiles with affection, kisses Jenny on the forehead and smoothes back her hair. Then she melts into the foreign land of the landing, taking her island of light with her.

Behind, in the dark, Jenny lies with her eyes wide open, staring fixedly at a piece of Sellotape on her ceiling.

The Dust Bunnies!”

About Edge Words:

“This is a collection that locates the local within the international and discovers the extraordinary in the everyday. Couples fall in and out of love, families fracture and endure. Dogs are less than man’s best friends, and sinister creatures are conjured by the darkness. Ghosts haunt a guesthouse and a computer, while clocks tell more than the time. The collection thus embraces the full range of human experience, from first kiss to last rites and beyond, enabling us to see the world afresh, dropping through the surface of life, sounding the depths and rippling out to explore the edges of our world.”

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