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Die BoothMy name is Die and I am a liar.  I first started lying at a very young age when I would record stories about owls onto C90 cassettes for my Nan. I lied right through the dreary, rain-soaked battlegrounds of primary and secondary school (after a brief affair with poetry, which we won’t mention here) and then completed a degree in lying at Liverpool John Moores University.

After university I wrote a terrible novel and got a job that was a lot more boring than my previous jobs of making shoes for antique dolls, restoring picture frames and singing in horror punk bands. My first published lie was in 2006 when ‘The Dust Bunnies’ came runner-up in the Cheshire Prize for Literature. This greatly encouraged me in my lying endeavors and I’ve since had two more lies feature in Cheshire Prize anthologies, plus numerous other publications in magazines and collections. These include several published in various anthologies from The Fiction Desk. In 2011 I went part time at the day job in order to dedicate more time to lies and that same year co-edited the ‘Re-Vamp’ online project and anthology with fellow liar L.C. Hu which was a proud achievement for us both.

My novel ‘Spirit Houses’ launched in 2013 and is the biggest, fattest fib you’ve ever laid eyes on. Since then I have also released into the wild ‘365 Lies’, a collection of one lie written every day in 2013. All profits go to the Motor Neurone Disease Association and I would love for you to get amongst it. Also available is my single author collection ‘My Glass is Runn’ and a couple of little six-word-story pamphlets ‘Matchbook’ and ‘Flashcard Riot’ which are free while supplies last.

When not lying, I mainly enjoy exploring dark places, running across hillsides, making questionable sartorial decisions, DJing and dancing badly in goth clubs, perving on Jacobean architecture, attending comic conventions, tea, cake, sunshine, archery and absurd humour.

And in answer to what you’re thinking right now, yes it is.

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