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Free copies of Matchbook – how to get your hands on one

May 15, 2015

MatchbookIf you follow my social media you may have read by now about Matchbook, the A7 zine of illustrated six word stories that I recently created. Since I holed up in my attic and spent the day making this thing a reality, I’ve been hand-making a load of these little books to give away for free. Each one is an A4 photocopied sheet that’s then folded, stapled, block printed in red ink with a custom made rubber stamp and finally any folded page edges are razored. It’s been time-consuming, but I’ve made a stack of these tiny books, many of which have already winged their way off to be distributed in Canada, America, Australia, Sweden, Scotland and all over England (and I gave one to the amazing David Ford at a recent gig too – check out his wonderful music and the charity he supports, Reverse Rett).

I’m hoping that this taster of my illustrated work encourages even just a few people to check out my other writing and maybe buy a copy of 365 Lies in aid of the Motor Neurone Disease Association. I spent the morning holed up in the attic again (with Fix to keep me company) making up the final batch (see photo!) these are the last ones that I’m going to make of Matchbook, so if you haven’t already snagged a free copy, you can do so exclusively by bumping into me at the following places and saying hi (or asking me for one if you bump into me anywhere else, for that matter!)

  • Friday 15 May – Cafe 21, Blackpool, open mic night 6.30pm – late
  • Sunday 17 May – The Harvest Moon cafe, Chester, open mic night 5pm – 8pm
  • Sunday 17 May – The Commercial Hotel, Chester, poetry night 7.30pm – late
  • Thursday 21 May – The Custom House pub, Chester, Chester Writers meeting 7.45pm
  • Friday 22 May – Hay Literature Festival, Hay on Wye, all day
  • Thursday 28 May – The Boot pub, Chester, Chester Poets meeting, 8pm (possible)
  • Saturday 13 June – Chester Library, flash fiction workshop 2pm (free, but ticketed)
  • Tuesday 16 June – Chester Library, flash fiction workshop readings 6.30pm

All of these amazing events are free (except if you want to go to specific events at Hay) so please come down to at least one, because there is so much great stuff going on if you look for it. I’m sure to be at more stuff, which I’ll update on my Twitter.

In other awesome news, the ever-marvellous Earl Foolish has hooked me up with Crush and Create Records who are a DIY record and zine label based in Malmo in Sweden. They’ll very kindly be distributing Matchbook for me over there. Check out their site for the true DIY or die, you dig?

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