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How about we make a deal? Very special charity offer on my writing.

January 22, 2015

Just sent this month’s #365Lies payment to @mndassoc – £7.67, which is wonderful because every penny counts, but come on guys, we can do better than that! Spread the word!

If you don’t want to buy from Lulu or even buy the book at all then how about this – if you donate just £5 to The Motor Neurone Disease Association and then forward the receipt email to die.booth[at] then I’ll email you a PDF of ‘365 Lies’ absolutely free – that way, you can donate directly to a good cause, you’re not paying a publisher any money at all, and you can tip the PDF right into your virtual trash if you don’t feel like reading it.

And how about this – if you donate £10 then I’ll email you a PDF copy of ‘365 Lies’ and a PDF copy of ‘Spirit Houses’.

If you donate £20 then I’ll send you PDFs of ‘365 Lies’, ‘Spirit Houses’ and a super special secret random surprise unpublished short story.

What the hell, if you donate £50 then you’ll get all of the above, and I’ll write you a short story about whatever you want (with the proviso I’ll be able to submit it for publication in the future). If you want me to write you a short story and not publish it elsewhere or show it to anyone else ever, then I’ll happily do that too but it’ll cost you £80 to the MNDA ;)

All of the above can be yours, just donate to the MNDA and then forward the receipt email to me, with any additional instructions I need to be aware of and I’ll send you some fictional goodies. I’m well aware that I’ve never expected to make any money off writing, but when any money I’m making is going to such a wonderful cause – basically, please help me make more of it!

Spread the word on social media, hashtag #365Lies, leave reviews if you’ve read the book that will entice other people to buy it (and to donate!) and most importantly, please keep on telling people about the exceptional work that is done by the MNDA.

(Please note that if you buy ‘Spirit Houses’ through Lulu or Amazon, the proceeds will not go to charity, unless you count ‘struggling author’ as a charity (it’s legit). Proceeds from ‘Spirit Houses’ will only go to the MNDA if you donate in the manner described in this blog post.
However, if you buy ‘365 Lies’ via the method above, through Lulu, or from me for cash in a dimly lit pub, all profits from sales will always go to the MNDA.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has supported this project so far – you are all rockstars <3)

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