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Flash and bling: a collaboration with Earl Foolish

March 21, 2014

Glass Dagger necklace - available at earlfoolish.comI’ve recently collaborated with my friend Earl Foolish on their Spring/Summer 2014 range of jewellery. The theme of this unisex range is sirens, those sinister mer-creatures with a lot more to their mythology than sitting on rocks looking attractive.

To go with each beautiful piece of artisan acrylic bling, I’ve written a tiny flash fiction – Earl Foolish’s idea was to show a bit of the atmosphere of each piece as well as just the factual product description. The piece pictured here is the ‘Glass Dagger’ necklace – available to pre-order now (also available as a single statement earring, which I cannot wait to rock!)

I’m hoping that I’ll get to work again with future collections – I love the idea of cross-media collaboration, and also the fact that I’ve had the opportunity to get involved with a truly talented, up and coming indie designer (check out their graphic design and illustration too – brilliant stuff!)

You can read all my flash fics right now over at and if you visit before April 1st you can also take advantage of the excellent 10% off offer with the pre-order. I do warn you though, like the siren’s call this bling is impossible to resist and once you see it, you’ll definitely want to order some!

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