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CITY from Black&BLUE – a review

January 26, 2014

CITYCITY from Black&BLUE (which features my flash fiction ‘Leaving Berlin at night’) doesn’t feel like a collection of poetry and flash prose. It feels like wandering through dimly remembered backstreets, reading billboards and shop signs and graffiti. Each glimpse pieced together forms a while portrait – imperfect and beautiful – of city life. My favourites are:

‘Rosy glowing, bloody cross’ – has a rhythm of drums and age and things that came to these streets from far away (his eyes are black).

‘Now the echoes from the source’ – I think I like music: this one cracks and shatters all brittle consonance. Storm clouds swallowing churches and light-bulbs blowing in tower block stairwells.

‘The sky in the city’ – never knowing true darkness, never really seeing the stars – reminds me of a piece I wrote last year: you’ll never see stars and rain together; the sky only wears one set of jewels at a time.

‘The fragile people’ – city lights again (that carpet of false stars) drawing the lost and flotsam like it draws me. Just being is enough to be. I think I might be.

‘I close my eyes’ – this is like a meditation exercise (maybe: I’ve never tried one, but I imagine they’re like this). Slow things – bone and stone and wood – are the only permanence, will outlive the electric noose of progress.


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