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Spirit Houses inspired song by The Webb

October 25, 2013

So, it’s always the best part of writing anything when you get a good review for it, but the other day I not only received a wonderful email review from The Webb (a goth band I’m a big fan of since meeting them in Manchester – they are so lovely and friendly!) but they also informed me that Spirit Houses inspired them to write two songs which will appear on their second album. Never did I ever dream that I’d have an awesome band being inspired by my writing, this is just the coolest thing ever to happen!

So, here’s the review by Becki of The Webb (who gave me permission to post it here).

Come Die With Me
Die Booth has served up a true feast here. In culinary terms, Spirit Houses has lashings of horror with stout flavour. There is a smattering of science fiction, a spicy blend of medical drama, a soupcon of romance, all infused with a rich, creamy filling of fantasy! The characters bear more than a dull list of ingredients as they ooze detailed description and each own perfectly inspired names. Lydia, Fix and Kite are among my personal favourites. This story is well researched, and imaginatively and powerfully constructed. The ending left me satisfactorily full, yet it was so mouth-wateringly good that I look forward to going back for seconds!
The little ink drawings that accompany each chapter served as a delicious treat in between courses. Bon appetite!
She goes on to say, “I loved every second curled up with it in paperback form! What a journey! I loved the witty banter between the field nurses and laughed out loud a few times. I envisioned it as an old black and white film, with modern colour CGI scenes throughout …

Reading your book has rubbed off on some of my recent lyrics too!.. The two new songs are entitled ‘A Thin Place’ and XXXX” (This one’s a secret till album release so I can’t share the title !). “Say no more….”
You can listen to ‘A Thin Place’, plus more of The Webb’s music on Soundcloud.

You can also check out their videos on Youtube, and if you like them, don’t forget to add their Facebook page too.

The Webb are due to play The Leopard in Doncaster tomorrow (Saturday 26 October), so if you’re in the area, then get down for an early Halloween treat!

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