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Guest blog at Cutis Anserina – Why I love monsters

October 11, 2013

To celebrate the run-up to Halloween, M.R. Gott, purveyor of hard-boiled macabre and author of Where the Dead Fear to Tread has been running a Halloween Bash blog tour. I was lucky enough to get to talk about why I love monsters so…

“When I was little, I always liked the villains the best.

Apparently that marked me out quite early on as being ‘odd’ (or at least, a horror author in the making!) but I don’t really think it was odd at all.
Initially, I think it was a typical childish fascination with ‘scary’ things and a very marked desire to be seen to brave with ease the things that other people found frightening. One of my earliest memories is being taken to see Disney’s Snow White at a long-since closed cinema in the big city. I was maybe five at the time (no, it wasn’t the original film release, I’m not quite that old!) and clearly recall people warning me that I might be afraid of the witch. I wasn’t afraid of her. I thought she was brilliant. Aside from my obvious desire to prove them wrong and show how brave I was, it was a genuine fascination. The witch in disguise was interesting and cool, but the Evil Queen was beautiful. Why was evil always so much better dressed? I think that was probably a big (and admittedly quite shallow!) formative decider. The fairy godmothers in Sleeping Beauty were sparkly and annoying, but Maleficent’s dragon was spectacular, and nobody was going to diss her…”
Read more over at Cutis Anserina…

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