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First review for Spirit Houses!

October 6, 2013

I think this is the very first review for Spirit Houses – I’m grinning fit to burst!

“It’s difficult to categorise this book – supernatural steampunk adventure romance? – and there’s a lot going on because there’s a huge story to tell and a truly massive, incredible world to build, but nothing about it ever feels crowded or muddled. The author’s got this cleverness with dialogue that feels absolutely real and uncontrived, and the descriptions of the places are so alive that I’ve even dreamed about the Negative (this weird creepy other plane the characters have to travel to in their hunt for answers) . . . I loved the worldbuilding. I want to live there. I hope hope hope there’s a sequel. Five stars isn’t enough, I want to give this book a galaxy.”

Read the full thing here on Amazon.

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