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Why writers should review – sixth stop: The Horror Tree

September 21, 2013

The penultimate stop of my Spirit Houses blog tour is at The Horror Tree – an absolutely invaluable listings resource for horror writers. If you get chance, stop by and give them some love for providing such a fantastic service for free!

Why writers should review, and how to do it

Writing isn’t a popularity contest. Oh, wait – it kind of is. Oops, there – I said it.

The whole advent of social media and online reviews and ratings on sites like Amazon and Goodreads has resulted in the usual double-edged sword effect. You can publicise your work to a worldwide audience! But you can also lie! There’ve been a lot of articles written about sock-puppets (fake accounts created by people, often authors, to post good reviews under different names to boost their ratings and rankings) and how it’s possible to buy good reviews. This isn’t about that. This is about genuine reviews.

Nothing compares to the feeling of getting a good review.

Read more at The Horror Tree…

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