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How to make a book trailer – seventh stop: Authors Electric

September 21, 2013

The final stop of my Lucky 13 blog tour, to celebrate the release of my debut novel Spirit Houses is at Authors Electric. Authors Electric is a collective of 28 independent and independently publishing writers of all genres from right around the globe, who blog daily with reviews, opinions, writing tips and much more, so when one of my favourite authors Susan Price asked if I would contribute an article on how I made my book trailers, I was really delighted to oblige with my own little step by step guide…

Seven easy steps to making a book trailer

So, you’re an indie writer. You might be self-published, or you might be a small-press author. Either way, a lot if not all of the marketing for your new book is going to fall on you.
We all know that social media is the way forward for this, but it’s often difficult to judge that fine line between actively promoting your work and being, well, a bit of a pest. Nobody wants to be That Author – you know, the one who Tweets a variation of ‘buy my book! Please RT!’ 25 times a day. People start to blank it out. It’s just words – which is fine in a book, but what I’ve realised increasingly is that the internet is a very visual medium and people tend to respond a LOT better to images and video.
So we come to the subject of the book trailer.

Read more at Authors Electric…


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