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What genre is it anyway? Fifth stop: J.T. Wilson

September 19, 2013

The fifth stop on my Spirit Houses Lucky 13 blog tour is hosted by my good friend the inimitable J.T. Wilson, author of Cemetery Drive and Re-Vamp contributor, and sees me attempt to pigeonhole Spirit Houses…

What genre is it anyway?

As a writer I always get asked ‘what do you write?’ My default answer to that is ‘horror’, but it’s not strictly accurate. For a while I’d um and ah and hide behind the big golfing umbrella of ‘speculative fiction’ until I got fed-up explaining to people what that actually meant and tired of the ‘well, that’s a bit pretentious’ expression that would inevitably cross people’s faces, if they didn’t just look confused.

How do I describe my work, though? Magic realism? Urban fantasy? All of the above?

I’m having a real issue with categorising my novel Spirit Houses. Even filling in the ISBN form I agonised for a good half-hour on what to put in the ‘genre’ box. It just doesn’t fall neatly into any specific genre.

Read more at J.T.’s blog…

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