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An interview with Die Booth – fourth stop: Clare Dudman

September 18, 2013

Day four of my Lucky 13 blog tour, to mark the release of Spirit Houses sees me being interviewed by Clare Dudman. Clare is the author of novels Wegener’s Jigsaw and A Place of Meadows and Tall Trees, among others, and without her Spirit Houses would not have happened…

On to the interview!

CD:   Do you have any connection with snails? (or anecdotes, memorable encounters..etc.)

DB:  No real connection that I can speak of, although I do remember a lot of time spent as a young child encouraging snails onto those clear plastic margarine tub lids, so I could watch how they worked from below – I had a fascination with ‘secret’ things even then! Empty margarine tubs, I hasten to add…
CD:  What is your proudest moment?
DB: In writing, or just generally? I think my proudest moments are probably not very impressive to anyone but me: things like winning runner up in the Cheshire Prize for Literature have been absolutely fantastic and very proud moments, but it’s stuff like passing my driving test or reading out loud in front of an audience that sticks with me most, because I find public performance quite difficult. I think my proudest moments though have been when I’ve received feedback for my writing work from strangers. It’s one thing (and don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful and appreciated) to get praise and good reviews from your friends, but it’s a whole other thing to receive a glowing compliment from an unbiased stranger. Knowing that someone’s enjoyed your work on face value is what makes me proud. So I think it’d have to be when I found out that my short story ‘Life Skills’ had been adapted into a script by some third year students at Coventry University as part of their degree course.

Read more over at Clare’s blog…

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