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There are no bad subjects – day three: Kevin G. Bufton

September 17, 2013

So we come to day three of my Lucky 13 blog tour, to celebrate the release of Spirit Houses. I met author Kevin G. Bufton through his brilliant work with Cruentus Libri Press and we’ve since become friends (not to mention collaborators on the forthcoming Three Legged Mare project along with fellow author Gill Hoffs – watch this space!) so when Kevin asked me if I’d like to contribute some thoughts to his Writers Rant series of blog posts, I definitely couldn’t turn him down…

There are no bad subjects, just bad writing

It’s no secret that it’s hard to get published, and even harder as a genre writer. So what really, really boils my piss when it comes to writing is when editors start to enforce subject rules.

Let me clarify a bit.

OK, sure – if an anthology call is for future dystopia stories and you, the writer, submit a really, really good Victorian ghost tale then you deserve to get your submission binned quick enough to make your head spin. But what I’m talking about is:

Open call for traditional horror anthology. No werewolves, no vampires, ABSOLUTELY NO ZOMBIES.

Recognise that? Yep, I’m sure you’ve seen it more than once. That old story of Twilight ruining the fun for everyone, increasingly these days even in traditional horror markets where vampires and zombies should be bread and butter, I’m seeing whole lists – sometimes hilariously specific – of what the editors don’t want to see. Some even go so far as to specify taboo plot-lines, which makes you really wonder just how many ‘and the citizens of this brave new world turned out to be – ANTS!’ stories they have actually been sent.

Read more at Kevin G. Bufton’s blog…

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