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An interview with Die Booth – second stop: L.C. Hu

September 16, 2013

Today’s stop on the Lucky 13 blog tour is with my partner in crime and fellow Mad Doctor L.C. Hu, who you may know as the other half of the Re-Vamp editing team. L.C. interviewed me about Spirit Houses and the role of female characters in fiction…

LCH: Introduce yourself!  Tell us a bit about yourself!

DB: Hello, I’m Die, I live in Chester which is a very old city in the North West of England, which might account for how much I love old things and ghosts, which are the subjects of a lot of my writing. There’s debate whether Derby or Chester is the most haunted city in England – of course, I’m biased (it’s Chester.)

LCH: What inspired Spirit Houses?

DLB: Well, I do think living in Chester had quite a lot to do with how Spirit Houses turned out. I think there’s a distinct sense of place in a lot of my work and Spirit Houses is no exception. The locations in it are loosely based on places close to me. The University Hospital in particular is based on The North Wales Hospital which is a huge and sadly empty Victorian asylum complex in nearby Denbigh. We’re right on the Welsh border here – maybe that’s a subconscious reason that I’m so interested in the liminal, the line between physical and spirit, the veil between planes. I dream a lot about that stuff – I dream often, and have since childhood, of an alternate plane that I called The Negative for reasons that are made obvious in the book – and I frequently use my dreams as inspiration for my stories. Lots of stuff in Spirit Houses are just written directly from my dreams, which I suppose is cheating a bit, but I think it works. I think a little of those bits as ‘canon’ and the consciously written stuff as ‘fictional’! A lot of things inspired Spirit Houses; it’s an amalgam of a real pile of stuff that I’ve been collecting in notebooks for a decade.

Read more at L.C. Hu’s blog…

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