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Spirit Houses has now been released into the wild on Friday 13th!

September 13, 2013

It’s here! Spirit Houses, my full-length debut, has been released into the wild, today on Friday 13th 2013, and is now available to buy online:

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered. I sold out of the first limited-edition run of 50 signed and stamped copies ahead of time – I’ve been delighted with the demand for my book and I just can’t thank everyone who is supporting it enough. You can now buy regular copies in paperback and e-book formats online and I will be starting to sign, package and ship the pre-orders out this weekend – obviously it’s going to take a while to sign them personally to you all, but I’ll have everything sent out to you by Monday 23rd September at the very latest. And don’t forget – if you missed out on the pre-order you can still buy Spirit Houses merchandise from my shop while stocks last.

I can’t remember how many people (a lot) said to me “You’re releasing your book on Friday 13th? Isn’t that tempting fate a little?” Well, at the time I thought that it wasn’t tempting fate, it was just a really good and memorable, not to mention applicable, launch date – but now I’m not so sure! So, for those of you who have pre-ordered signed copies – after a series of issues with the printing, my first print run is missing the price on the back. Not all of the price, mind – just the numbers! So instead of £9.99 it says £ .   and I’m not sure I could even replicate that error if I tried so I haven’t a clue how the printers managed it! However, everything else about it is fine, so let’s put that down to an unsolved mystery (who knows – if I magically become super successful, that little printing error could be worth thousands in the future!)

For those of you interested in the paperback, it’s fully illustrated throughout. The e-book features four (different) full-page illustrations at the end of the text, too.

Now all there is for me to say is – thank you again for being wonderful and taking an interest in my story. If you read Spirit Houses, please do consider leaving a review for it somewhere online (its Goodreads page for example) because word-of-mouth is the single most valuable thing to an indie author. If you buy a paperback copy, please do lend it to any friends you think might like it. And most of all – I hope that you enjoy reading it! (Now, I best get off and prepare for this blog tour..!)

Spirit Houses illustration

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