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Authors Electric: indie e-book authors share tips

August 21, 2013

I was recently honoured to be invited to join Authors Electric, a group of indie e-book authors who collectively write a blog post every day of the year. These posts range from humorous to serious, from the very personal to the broadly informative, with lots of writing and e-publishing tips and tricks along the way. I’d really recommend the site for readers and writers alike – with so many voices from across the globe, writing in so many different genres and styles, the range of subjects covered is immense and fascinating.

My first post on the blog went live today and you can read it here: The cheerleader’s gonna die: horror, writing and misogyny.  In it, I explore the subject of sexism in writing – particularly in horror writing – and how both female characters and female authors can really suffer in the genre fiction arena. I’m in two minds whether writing on such a divisive and emotive subject was such a good move for a first post (or in fact, for any post – I’m not really a fan of sticking my head above the parapet and I had to think very long and hard before publishing that blog post) but it’s a topic that means a lot to me, and they always say, write about what you’re passionate about, right? Because I sincerely believe that women in particular are still getting a very raw deal in the world of writing and it’s something that has to change.

You can read my regular blog post at Authors Electric every 21st of the month and you can view my Electric Author page here!

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