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A quarter of the way through the year

April 1, 2013

So today, April 1, marks a quarter of the way through the year – and a quarter of the way through my one-a-day flash fiction project.
Well, I’ve kept it up so far. I won’t say it’s been easy (some days you really just cannot be bothered, some days you just are not inspired) but it’s not exactly been that difficult either. Comparing the days of writers block against the knowledge that I’ve already racked up 21K and 90 individual miniature stories essentially without thinking about it, I think that the good outweighs the bad so far with this particular endeavor.

I’m hoping that I carry on trundling along with it and do manage to make the whole year (and what will probably be a rather hefty book). It’s not just bite-sized reading, it’s bite-sized writing. Of course, there’s the challenge of coming up with something new every day, but the flip-side to that is that there’s no worrying about word count (which builds up on its own), there’s no worrying about continuity (something I found an issue when writing my novel over such a long period that I’d forget stuff from the beginning!) and there’s no struggling to keep focus. Writing for short attention spans! I’m also enjoying trying out all those plots and themes that I’ve wanted to turn into short stories but either never got round to, or they weren’t enough to sustain a short-story-length piece on their own. This way I’m hoping that I can maybe revisit and expand any flash pieces that work particularly well, into short stories in the future.

For now, I’ll keep plugging away at the one-a-day and I’m making a note to myself to start actually sharing some details about my novel Spirit Houses – I’m pretty terrible when it comes to promotion and I need to learn to do more of it…

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