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Bloody Fabulous book review

February 25, 2013

Bloody FabulousBloody Fabulous

Edited by Ekaterina Sedia.

From the off, this anthology is striking. I liked the premise right from the start and I love the cover and design of the thing – quite fitting for an anthology themed around the importance of fashion to fantasy and horror.

As fellow contributing author Nick Mamatas points out this anthology doesn’t seem to have got much attention, which is a real shame and also quite a surprise. It’s one of my favourite anthologies to feature a story of mine recently. Some of the stories interested me more than others – there were quite a few well-worn tropes on display – but I enjoyed the collection immensely and the whole thing maintained a consistent high quality.

I won’t mention every story, but some of my favourites were: Holly Black’s ‘Coat of Stars’, a charming and prettily written version of the classic changeling tale; ‘The Anadem’ by Sharon Mock, a subtly sinister story of magical control; ‘The First Witch of Damansara’ by Zen Cho, which features wonderful characters and gentle humour; ‘Capturing Images’ by Maria V. Snyder with its imaginative take on vampire mythology; and ‘Avant N00b’ by Nick Mamatas for its nicely believable protagonist and very imaginative couture!

You can buy Bloody Fabulous from Prime books.

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