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Why I’m Crying Just Like Anybody

November 15, 2012

Well, far from it, actually – this year has been fantastic for me as a writer! I’ve been delighted to have several stories picked up for publication in anthologies and the lastest one is due for release on November 20.

My short story ‘Phantoms’ will appear in The Fiction Desk’s fourth anthology, ‘Crying Just Like Anybody’. I’m a big fan of The Fiction Desk anthologies and I’m thrilled that my work will be appearing in one beside such talented authors as The Fiction Desk publishes.

The running order for ‘Crying Just Like Anybody’ is as follows:

  • Colin Corrigan – Wonders of the Universe
  • S.R. Mastrantone – Just Kids
  • Die Booth – Phantoms
  • Matthew Licht – Across the Kinderhook
  • Matt Plass – Tripe Soup and Spanish Wine
  • Mike Scott Thomson – Me, Robot
  • Miha Mazzini – I’m the One
  • William Thirsk-Gaskill – Can We Have You All Sitting Down, Please?
  • Luiza Sauma – Carolina Carioca
  • Richard Smyth – Crying Just Like Anybody

You can read more about the anthology and buy copies here (or pre-order them before 20 November 2012).

‘Phantoms’ tells the story of a young girl named Anna. Anna’s favourite place in the world is her granddad’s junk shop. Although a lot of people think it’s a weird place, it’s much more welcoming than school, where her nemesis Beth makes her life a misery. Then one day, something arrives at the shop which might help Anna conquer her foe for good.

Here’s an excerpt to give you a flavour:

“My granddad, his name was Roger and he collected weird stuff. He ran a junk shop — that is, an Emporium of Curious Vintage Ephemera. It was still a junk shop. Sometimes he got hold of something that was worth something for cheap, then that would get sold straight away to a proper antiques place. Just because he sold tat, didn’t mean he didn’t know his stuff. Granddad just liked tat, said the things people threw out were more interesting. His main profits didn’t come from the good stuff, either: they came from the rubbish. People love to sift through piles of interesting old crap, the detritus of past lives, in the hope of finding a treasure, and sometimes Granddad hid one in there for them to find, too. His job; it was his hobby.”

It’s a bit of a departure for me, this story, as whilst it does contain slightly disturbing elements, it’s not strictly horror or even paranormal (despite the title!) I’ve been reading a lot of Roald Dahl’s adult short stories lately and they’ve been making me really want to write more non-genre fiction – but the problem is, every plot that pops into my head tends to have something of the supernatural about it! I think I’ll try and write some non-spooky tales just as an experiment and see where it leads me.

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  1. November 15, 2012 4:16 pm

    This looks amazing! So excited for you!

    • December 13, 2012 1:02 pm

      Thank you! :-) It’s an awesome book, I’m enjoying reading the other stories.

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