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Re-Vamping the Chester Literature Festival

September 29, 2012

Re-Vamp cover by Leah JayIt’s nearly October and that means it’s nearly time again for the annual Chester Literature Festival.

This year, as well as attending some of the fantastic events planned (particularly looking forward to David Crystal and Sandi Toskvig), I’ll be hosting my own Bitesize at Lunchtime event which will involve me sharing some tips on self publishing. I’m hoping that the fact that I’m pretty much self-taught in writing and publishing will actually be a benefit, as all my tips come from personal experience and trial-and-error and if I can successfully write, publish and promote a book then anyone can! I’ll be using Re-Vamp as an example of what’s possible if you just have the passion for a project and I’ll be covering the Re-Vamp project from the initial idea, through developing it, handling the project online, publicising it and seeing it through to fruition in the form of a fully illustrated e-book and paperback.

I’m pretty nervous as public speaking isn’t really my forte, but I’m excited at the opportunity to share all that Re-Vamp has taught me (plus, it’s the same talk I delivered at Coventry University earlier this year and it seemed to go down quite well there!)

The talk will be at Chester Town Hall at 1pm on Wednesday 17 October 2012 and tickets cost £3. You can book online or buy them at the door. I very much look forward to seeing people there!

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