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Re-Vamp review competition winner!

February 1, 2012

Top hatOn behalf of myself and LC I’d like to thank everyone who entered the Re-Vamp review competition for all your excellent reviews.Name in top hat

Today being results day, I employed the ancient scientific method of writing everyone’s name down on a slip of paper and drawing one name out of a hat (obviously made more scientific by the fact that it was my top hat.)

I’m pleased to announce that the winner of the simultaneously worthless and priceless prize of naming a character in my forthcoming novel is Katie Dodd. You can read Katie’s review of Re-Vamp over at Goodreads.

Don’t forget – just because the competition has now ended, we’d still love for you to review Re-Vamp for us, every review is massively encouraging to all the people who contributed to the book and very much appreciated too!

Here are some of the things that have been said about the book so far:

Chills aside, this is a super-fun read, with styles ranging from the beautifully classic to the modern and experimental. It’s a must for people who’d actually like their monsters to be monstrous; I can tell you for certain that no one here sparkles. -Katie Dodd

Seeing the monster is never the scary part. The scary part is the way the monster makes the floorboards creak. – Sarah Grant

Supernatural tales are getting a bit dull and plodding, mainly because of the repetitiveness of themes/characters etc and getting way too stereotypical.  Instead of moaning about it, the Editors of this Anthology decided to do something to put the Heebies-back-into-the-Jeebies and ramp up the scarefest. – Ian Cai Mercer

There are no sparkly vampires or angst ridden teenage girls here. These are quite old fashioned type horror stories but set in modern times. I read the whole book in a couple of days and some of the stories did make me feel a little unsettled. – Donna

…this is an excellent collection, with skill, wit, originality and quite a few shocks, scares and creeps! – Susan Price

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