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New Year Revelations

January 5, 2012

Happy 2012 everyone!

It seems only polite to start the new year with some kind of New Year Resolutions blog post, so here goes.

This year I’m going to try and worry less and write more. I’m going to attempt to channel more of my time into actually writing and editing my work and endeavor to not let promotional work sidetrack me. Social networking and actually advertising your work to people is obviously fun and essential, but there’s not much point advertising if you’ve not had time to write anything new! I’m going to write more ‘silly’ things for myself too, just for fun.

I’m also aiming to get more involved with DIY projects and zines. Learning so much last year from working with so many amazing people on Re-Vamp (don’t forget – you can still enter our reviews competition!), seeing the indie creative scene flourishing in Melbourne and now seeing new small-press magazines like The Velvet Label getting started has really inspired me.
I’ve decided that, writing-career-wise, I’m not a climber, I’m a tunneler. You still get to where you want to be eventually, just nobody notices you doing it – Keep it Underground..!

Finally, I think I’m going to have to aim to update this blog at least once a month because my posting on here has been somewhat erratic to say the least!

Hope everyone is having a lovely year so far and I can’t wait to see what adventures it brings!

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