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Re-Vamp – it lives!!!

November 1, 2011

Re-Vamp cover
Sitting here listening to the Blackout Show on Impact Radio and feeling a little dazed.

Halloween is over, a whole year had passed in a whirl and the Re-Vamp project has finally concluded with the release of the Re-Vamp anthology.

It’s been a year of ups and downs for the project – I don’t think either me or L.C. realised just how big this project would get, or how much it would snowball. If you’d told me this time last year that we’d end up being championed by possibly my all-time favourite author (Susan Price) I doubt I would have believed you, but there’s concrete proof that hard work and believing in yourself really does pay off. And it was hard work. Hard work and a very steep learning curve! Over the past year I’ve learned a lot about how to edit (and re-edit, and edit some more), the necessity of social media to being a writer today, formatting, e-books, publicising a project, how to be pushy when promoting yourself, the pitfalls of print, how incredibly tricky it is to run a competition and how talented a lot of the people who say ‘well, I’m not really very good and nobody’s read my work before’ are.

I’ve also learned that while it can be difficult to coordinate running a big project between two people, it really is invaluable to have another person to check in with, run ideas past and share the load with. From my experience of the past year, I can see that it could easily have been a very different scenario if I’d been working with someone I didn’t completely gel with on a writing level. I think that one of the most important things I’ve discovered through this project is how essential it is in this business to communicate, honestly and promptly and to try your damnedest to meet your promised deadlines – for without that, things could very easily fall apart as I’ve witnessed with ventures a lot more professional than Re-Vamp.

I’m really proud of what I, L.C. and all those who’ve contributed in any way to Re-Vamp have achieved over the past year. We set out with a clear goal and we achieved it – not without a lot of stress, but also with a lot of laughs and triumphs. It really proves that however small your beginnings, you really can create amazing things. I know the experience I’ve gained working on this anthology will stand me in good stead for future projects. Next up is getting the novel I finished last March in shape for publishing – and after my Re-Vamp experience I feel a lot more inclined to go the self publishing route, knowing now how much more control it offers the author. There seems to be a lot more choice on offer to me now and I’m much better equipped to deal with all those publishing terrors!

You can buy Re-Vamp from the following places:

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  1. November 1, 2011 10:27 pm

    Congratulations! :D

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