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April 8, 2011

Things have been all go in camp Die since I last updated – hence the lack of time for updates.

LC and I ran a very successful round at Re-Vamp! for Ghosts – a grand total of eight fantastic, brand new ghost stories from a host of contributors.

We kicked off Werewolves a little late, but already have had some excellent contributions that we’re saving up to post – from film reviews and poetry to artwork and not forgetting our first, reader participation vote-your-own-adventure story!

Both Inked and Cellar Door were great fun and a real success – it’s good to see so many people turning out for open mic poetry and these monthly events are a credit to their organisers. I just need to check out Zest now! Also worth a mention is Chester Writers, a monthly workshop run by talented professional author Clare Dudman. If you’re planning on attending, please note that from this month the meeting will be moving location to the Custom House pub.

If I’m in summary mode then blame it on my working on my first agent query letter. Strange how this (and the novel synopsis) is proving more difficult to write than the actual novel. Repeat after me – hook, synopsis, bio!

I’ve now settled on the official novel title ‘Embedded’, which my mum came up with (thanks, mum!) – I’ll have to get used to that after years of referring to it simply as ‘DPM’. I’ve done a good deal of editing work on the novel, too, gratefully and extensively aided by my grammar-wrangler Sarah Grant, my science-proofer Becky Haywood and my trusty advisor Milla Galea. With a team like that on the case, I’m crossing my fingers that we can’t fail…

Finally, for a bit of light relief, I’ve been working on some more of those read-aloud stories like I did for The Dust Bunnies. I’m in the middle of some dodgy stop-motion for my story ‘Retrospectre’ (not quite Harryhausen, but lots of fun) and this weekend should see me and Justin Owen filming a short werewolf film for my forthcoming tale ‘Dogged’. Said film, if potentially rubbish, should at least be a laugh to make. It might even make it onto Re-Vamp in time for the deadline – watch this space!

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  1. Milla permalink
    April 11, 2011 9:47 am

    I’m excited for that film ;-) Fingers crossed for the agent packs – let me know if you want me to print and ship x

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