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All I want for Christmas

December 23, 2010

It’s that time of the year again when anyone who keeps an online blog will be familiar with the posts of ‘what I want for Christmas’ lists. Often, these lists are quite modest – I’d like a mix CD/ music recommendations/ something homemade/ peace and goodwill – or sometimes they’re a bit more material, with links to Amazon wish-lists in  case their online readership is feeling festively generous.

Well, this is my request for what I’d really like off you for Christmas: I’d like you to write some fan mail.

It doesn’t have to be a letter in the traditional, dotted-with-hearts  ‘dear Donny Osmond, I love you’ kind of way, it can be an email, a Facebook message, a Tweet or whatever is your preferred mode of communication with those you admire. All I ask is that you write to someone you have genuine admiration for and do not know in person. It would be nice if the recipient is a newcomer in their area – an up and coming band or newly published author, or even someone who isn’t officially endorsed yet but has been wowing you with their online output. However, even if your admiree is extremely famous, I still want you to write that letter: who knows, maybe even very famous people get less appreciation from their fans now that everybody is presuming that everyone else must be writing them praise, or fan letters aren’t ‘cool’ anymore.

The bottom line of what I’m saying is – everyone deserves a bit of recognition and a bit of love and even if you’ve ‘made it’ there can be nothing more rewarding than knowing you’ve really touched someone’s life. It’s the only real reason people do what they do.  So if you get time to spread a bit of love to those creative types who work so hard to keep everyone entertained and enthralled then it would really make my year.

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