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Words Behind Walls

December 9, 2010

Words Behind Walls logoLast Tuesday I attended my first meeting of a brand new creative group centred in Chester, Words behind Walls.
This group, founded by Steffon Worthington, is only on its third meeting but is already steadily growing in number. Already we have involvement from writers, poets, artists, graphic artists, designers and musicians (we even have a very talented rep for cake decoration!) and it’s amazing and inspiring to know that this much creative talent does exist in the city, waiting to be harnessed.

Tuesday night was a very lively and inspired discussion, throwing out scores of ideas for future projects to enhance Chester’s creative scene and hopefully work alongside already existing events. We’ve settled on a few exciting things to be getting on with, but I won’t spoil the surprise just yet!

I’m really hoping the group continues to grow and flourish (from what I’ve seen already, it can’t fail to do so) but really I think that in this day and age, getting people who’ve not previously met before out on a Tuesday night in December and so enthused about creative ideas, when they could be slumped in front of the television or laptop instead, is an achivement in itself!

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