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Light is brightest in the darkness

July 25, 2010

Someone commented to me this morning that The Audsley Chimera is quite a hopeful story. I was happy with that; it’s nice when people get what you’re trying to put across.
Obviously, first and foremost, I write horror. I’ll try and tune in to the creepier atmosphere of everyday life because that’s what it interests me to write about: the fairytale behind the twenty first century office facade, the demons and imps that still lurk unnoticed in dark corners and laugh at Celebrity Magazines. But more than that, I want to get across that not everything that is dark and not understood is necessarily threatening or pernicious (in fact, those Celebrity Magazines are probably more so…)
The Audsley Chimera, for example, isn’t (just) a story about a creepy loner who lives in the woods and kills puppies. As Nick Black himself says, ‘not to destroy, but to transform’. The day that Michael meets him might easily be the happiest day of the child’s life so far, and who knows what’s to come? Of course there’s clear elements of horror story and cautionary tale, but it’s not that clear cut: on second and third glance, the protagonist isn’t one hundred per cent evil at all. I hope people reading the story understand why I feel the need to stick up for him – I never really understand writers who can actually dislike a character of their creation..!

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