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March 24, 2010

Due to increasing internet fatigue, I spent last Monday night trawling through my password archives and ruthlessly deleting any old blog, gallery or account of mine that I could lay my virtual hands on – spring cleaning for the mind. It was definitely satisfying, but also resulted in something of an epiphany. Before I deleted it, I read back for a while an online journal I kept in 2002. The entries were, uniformly, ‘I hate this job. I would do anything to get out of this job. This job is killing me.’ Eight years on, the day job is still killing me slowly.

I’ve realised that if I died tomorrow I would leave behind an unfinished novel and a job that keeps me from finishing it.

At work they would replace me – if they bothered replacing me at all – within a couple of weeks. I am, however, the only person in the world who can finish my story.

Food for thought.

In more positive news, I received an email via Facebook the other day with some very nice and gratefully received praise for my writing from a Chester University student who informed me that Edge Words is on the curriculum for her contemporary literature module and The Dust Bunnies is being studied. Another wonderful message-in-a-bottle to encourage me that I’m actually being read out there.

This has encouraged me to finally bite the bullet and (attempt to) set up an Author ‘fan’ page for myself on Facebook, so that I can provide updates about my writing on a page that won’t end up cluttered with pub meeting arrangements and declarations of love for Lady Gaga (well, in theory: I do love Lady Gaga quite a lot, so it might sneak on). You can find the page here and please do go and add it (‘become a fan’ sounds a bit egotistical to me but – yeah, please do!)

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