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In ur curriculum infectin ur mindz…

February 12, 2010

Last night a friend of my boyfriend’s contacted him and said that he’d been given a short story to read for university coursework and “it’s one of Die’s”.

I might be pre-emptive in celebrating this one – I don’t yet know the context said story was provided in, it could yet be ‘here is an example of poor use of the English language’ – but it seems news-worthy enough to go on my writing blog, because there it is, a fact: ‘Life Skills’ by Die Booth has been provided as reading material for third year English Language students at Coventry University.

It does make me curious as to how this mysterious lecturer at Cov Uni got hold of a copy in the first place. I googled ‘Life Skills, Die Booth’ to see what would come up and aside from this website, I got porn. A lot of hardcore, German porn – I’m quite amused by that.

The story in question is part of an anthology, ‘The Road Unravelled’, published by Earlyworks, a small but well-regarded independent press, so it’s no inconceivable that an academic might be interested in reading small-press anthologies. I’m also burning curiosity as to why they chose to pass on my story to read (is that awfully narcissistic? I don’t think so, it’s just a need for feedback, some, any) but if I never find out I’ll still be happy enough. I think the reason that I’m so thrilled about this is it’s the first indication, the first clue I’ve had to date that my writing is actually being read by people other than immediate friends and family. People I do not know (although few, I’m sure) have read what I have written. It’s sort of like receiving the first one of my message-bottles back, with a one-line reply inside. Yes, I received your communication.

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